The Double Eagle is proud to have served our Margarita Recipe for over 30 years!
In the Southwest, we take our Margarita seriously! We don’t know who actually ‘invented’ putting lime juice in tequila but bless him! (or her!)  We acknowledge that the simple act of combining of tequila and lime juice was the original Margarita recipe. So, when people talk about the ‘original recipe’ , this is what they usually mean: A fire-y shot of burning liquor only lightly tempered by the tart lime juice.  We call it the Traditional Margarita!

But, even tequila aficionados must acknowledge that when presented with an ‘original recipe’ Margarita, most people go “yeech”!  Like most things in Life, practice makes perfect. So, too, does taking up Life’s dare and learning to drink tequila! Almost the equal of drinking Scotch as a learned behavior, drinking tequila can offer the challenges and rewards of many varieties.

Over the years, we have developed our own recipe which ‘soothes the savage beast’ and calms that burning liquid into a smooth cocktail which has been the favorite in our Bar for over 30 years.

Know Your Tequilas
Made from the fermented juices of the blue agave plant – related to the lily and amaryllis – the only one of 136 species of agave allowed for use in tequila. Agave plants are grown in the Lowlands and Highlands of Mexico. Lowland tequilas are deeper and mellower than Highlands. Highlands are fruity and aromatic.

Silver/Blanco Tequila
51% Blue Agave – clear, very spicy, never aged, goes straight to the bottle from distillation

Reposado Tequila
Means “rested”, aged in oak barrels usually 6 months, takes on the flavor of the barrels in which it is aged – some are new oak, some are used bourbon barrels, some are used tequila barrels, these factors affect the taste characteristics and is usually described on the bottle label

Anjeo Tequila
Means “aged”, aged 1 to 5 years in oak barrels holding no more than 600 gallons, longer ageing gives a darker, richer color

Made from Agave plants other than the Blue Agave.  Usually more peppery than Blue Agave Tequila

The Double Eagle carries some 30 different tequilas. We have chosen these from the hundreds of brands which have appeared and disappeared over the years. We believe these are the ‘winners’ with other brands either tasting the same as the brands we have or they bring nothing new and different to the table.

The House Margarita  
 Simple, basic, nothing fancy but this blend has a calming effect on the fiery tequila that most people like. 8.00

Be generous and share!  Priced per the tequila you choose.

The Award Winner Margarita
 Our most famous and most popular drink!  Numerous contests, awards, recognitions have been won using this recipe.   Always a hit!Our most famous and most popular drink!  Numerous contests, awards, recognitions have been won using this recipe.   Always a hit!  9.00

The Traditional Margarita
 Simple mixture of tequila and lime juice – not that sweetened stuff either.  Real lime juice.  Served up or on the rocks.  Genuine flavors boldly displayed.  9.00

The Top Shelf
Premium Patron Silver Tequila, Premium Cointreau Orange Liqueur AND Premium Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime Juice  12.00

The Silver Coin
Don Julio Silver Tequila, Premium Cointreau Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime Juice   9.00

The Turquoise Stone
Casa Noble Tequila, Premium Patron Citronage Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime, Blue Curacao Orange Liqueur and a Turquoise Stone!  12

The La Pinta
La Pinta Pomegranate Tequila, Patron Citronage Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime   9.00

El Diablo
Don Julio Resposado Tequila, Fresh Orange Juice, Patron Citronage Orange Liqueur, topper of Wild Shot Mezcal   12.00

Sauza Series Margaritas

Cucumber & Chile
Sauza Blue Silver Tequila infused with Cucumbers and Chile, Fresh Cucumber, Fresh Lime Juice, Triple Sec, Red Chile Rim  8.00

Honey N Spice
Sauza Blue Silver Tequqila infused with Spices and Honey, Fresh Lime Juice, Citronage Orange Liqueur, Red Chile Rim  8.00

Horny Rita
Sauza Honitos Reposado Tequila, Fresh Lime Juice, Citronage Orange Liqueur, Torres Orange Brandy Floater, Salted Rim   8.00

Black Barrel
Sauza Aged Anejo Black Barrel Tequila, Fresh Orange Juice, Torres Orange Brandy, Red Chile Rim   10.00

Pick Your Flavor Margaritas
Sauza 100% Blue Agave Silver Tequila, Fresh Fruit and Fruit Purees, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice  8.00

Amaretto, Cucumber, Green Chile, Guava, Mango, Melon, Peach, Strawberry, Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Watermelon

 Offered in Non Alcoholic versions as well.