Served  Monday-Saturday 5 PM to 10 PM
Sundays 5 PM – 9 PM

Items and Prices Subjec to change without notice. 

A P P E T I Z E R S 

Ahi Tuna Tartar “Nachos”
wonton chips, watermelon pico de gallo, sesame seeds, goat cheese crema 11.95

Bacon Wrapped Borracho Shrimp
2 shrimp, applewood bacon, jalapeno , cream cheese, Patron tomato sauce   8.95

 Green Chile Cheese Wontons
pineapple-jalapeno salsa   6.95 

Crispy Pork Lettuce Wraps
Crisped uncured bacon, tamarind, peanuts, sautéed jalapeno, bibb lettuce 8.95

Baked Brie baked in puff pastry, praline brandy, crème fraiche   12.95


S O U P S 

Green Posole
traditional accompaniments  5.95                        

Soup Du Jour
always a wonderful selection produced by our executive chef   3.95


S A L A D S 

Caprese Salad
vine ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, evoo, balsamic reduction 8.95

 Steakhouse Wedge
iceberg lettuce wedge, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese   7.95

 Tableside Caesar Salad for Two
Romaine, anchovies, parmesan, coddled egg, house made garlic croutons  8.50 per person

Served with your choice of House Salad or Soup of the Day and your choice of Baked Potato, Double Baked Stuffed Potato, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, Onion Rings, Rice Pilaf or Seasonal Vegetable 

Chicken Mesilla
grilled witih sautéed sweet onions, green chile, monterey jack cheese, sliced avocado  22.95 

Chicken San Francisco
roasted bone-in breast, herbed stuffing, white wine, butter roasted garlic & tomato sauce   24.95

 Chicken Jerusalem
bone-in breast butter sautéed, garlic, shallots, fume blanc wine, cream, artichoke hearts, button mushrooms   22.95

 Blackberry Duck
Roasted, orange marinade, crushed peppercorns, imported foie gras, apricot-blackberry glaze   31.95

 French Cut Pork Chop with White Corn-Green Chile Cream
bone-in chop, roasted 25.95

 Lamb Chops
new zealand chops, pesto, dark cherry mint glaze   33.95 

Grilled Scottish Salmon
spicy green chile and hominy stew, smoked tomato butter ~
no side potato or vegetable served with this dish 23.95

Blackened Halibut cajun spice, vera cruz sauce   31.95 

Catch of the Day your server will offer you today’s chef’s selection     Market Price


H O U S E   A G E D   S T E A K S
From the only dedicated Beef Ageing Room in New Mexico. We monitor the number of days at a temperature of a constant 35 degrees to allow the natural enzymes to produce a wonderfully tender steak. Each steak is personally selected and hand cut.

Center Cut “Baseball” Top Sirloin
aged 38 to 60 days   8 oz   24.95

Delmonico Ribeye
aged 36 to 42 days   14 oz   39.95

New York Strip Steak
aged 36 to 42 days.   14 oz    39.95

Filet Mignon
aged 28 to 35 days   petite 4 oz 24.95       grande 8 oz   36.95

Steak Double Eagle
aged 36 to 42 days 14 oz new york strip steak ~ chipotle spice dry rub ~ crispy, spicy shrimp ~ roasted red peppers ~ lemon-garlic butter  48.95

 Steak Maximillian
aged 36 to 42 days
14 oz delmonico ribeye ~ Pittsburgh style ~ portabella mushrooms ~ caramelized onions ~ colorful peppers ~ green onions ~ roasted shallot butter 44.95

 Tournedos Maximillian ~ Tableside Flambe
6 oz filet mignon medallions ~ butter ~ garlic ~ mushrooms ~ red wine bordelaise sauce   44.95
Chateaubriand Bouquetiere for Two  roasted ~ 12 oz beef tenderloin ~ carved tableside ~ mashed potatoes ~ vegetables ~green chile stuffed tomato with white cheddar cheese ~ seafood stuffed tomato with parmesan cheese ~ mushrooms ~ sauce béarnaise ~ red wine bordelaise   46.95 each 

Served with your choice of House Salad  or Soup of the Day and your choice of Baked Potato, Double Baked Stuffed Potato, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, Onion Rings, Rice Pilaf or Seasonal Vegetable


D E S S E R T S 

Crème Brulee Traditionale’
caramelized sugar, seasonal berries   6.95

 Peach Cobbler
chantilly cream   4.95     vanilla bean ice cream   6.95

 Meyer Lemon Cloud Pie
Raspberry sorbet    6.95

 Mile High Cheesecake
NY style cheesecake choice of raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce or caramel sauce   7.95

 Cookie & Cream
Large, warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream 6.95

 T A B L E S I D E
with vanilla bean ice cream ~ minimum of two or more persons

Bananas Foster
bananas ~ brown sugar ~ rum     9.95 per person