Every year, we buy a whole barrel of Knob Creek Bourbon!  Yessir, Beverage Manager Win Ritter goes to Kentucky to the Knob Creek Distillery and samples barrels of bourbon till he finds one he think our customers will love.  That barrel is purchased and Knob Creek bottles the bourbon.  A special label notes the whiskey is a Single Barrel Reserve UNCUT to standard proof and left at 120 proof.  The label also notes the series is dedicated to our owner, C W Buddy Ritter and his over 50 years in the hospitality business!

Buddy’s Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
Straight Up or On the Rocks
End of the day, some like it neat.  Buddy takes a couple of ice cubes in his.  8.00

Buddy’s Manhattan
2:1 Buddy’s Barrel Bourbon Whisky to Sweet Vermouth, 2 drops of Aromatic Bitters and a lemon twist to seal the deal  12.00

Buddy’s Old Fashioned
Muddle an Orange piece, a Maraschino Cherry with Sugar and Bitters, add Buddy’s Barrel Bourbon Whiskey and a splash of soda  9.00