Win Has Gone Nuts…Or…Well, Hops, Really

Win Has Gone Nuts…Or, Well, Hops, Really

Win Ritter, our Beverage Manager, has lost his mind!  We’ve all gotten caught up in the Holiday/Christmas spirit but when 6, count ‘em, 6 Christmas Beers showed up today.  Win has obviously gone nuts…or, since it’s beer, hops! 

When asked politely what the heck was he thinking…Win replied,”I just couldn’t make up my mind.  It’s so hard to choose just one or two.  All of them have unique character and flavor profiles.  I couldn’t resist!”

 So, now we have 6 really pretty amazing beers for Christmas! 

Shiner Bock Christmas:  From Shiner, Texas, they put peaches and pecans in this thing!  Crazy but it sure tastes good!

 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale: those California boys shur know how to make beer: full bodied with plenty of hops for those Hop Heads

 Dos Equis Noche Buena: made seasonally since 1927 dark ruby red hue, exceptionally smooth drinkability  which you would expect and this beer delivers!

 Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Christmas Ale: thought of Mother England spring to mind, deep coppy color, malty up front, hints of fruit and holiday spice

 Delirium Noel:  a Belgian ale, definitely the biggest beer, in a big battle, in malt taste and in alcohol level…definitely a winter warmer

Rogue’s Santa’s Private Reserve Red Ale:  organic grains and hops from brewery owned farms.  This was what made the last beer dinner’s cheese soup so delectably delicious!

 Limited Availability.  Win was only able to get a few cases of each so they won’t last long…  Let the Holiday’s  BEGIN!

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